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The DP scale destruction system has supported a 1:1 DP/USDT exchange mechanism. The main network wallet transfer mechanism has been synchronized. Click to go!

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project plan

Briefly introduce our plan. For more details, please refer to the white paper.

2022 Q1
2023 Q2
DP airdrop
2023 Q4
KYC & pledge
2024 Q1

How to get more DP coin?

Users can get more DP coin by signing in every day, inviting friends, system activities, developer application access, etc

Collect this item and receive it by airdrop every 24 hours, and you will get the basic DP coin reward.

If you invite a friend, you can get an additional 20% of DP coin income when your friend receives the reward.

Download lightweight apps and keep an eye on DP project dynamics to get more useful information in time.

Obtaining information can help you catch up with some important activities of DP projects and help you get more DP coin rewards.

Share your invitation links in the right way and let more people contribute to the community.

DP project is committed to project implementation and practical application. We need more people in the community to participate in the application practice of DP project.

Total DP coin: 1 billion

85% of the total amount of money is directly available to the community. Please refer to the white paper for more detailed distribution methods

Read the white paper
DP system features
Read the white paper

Are you know?

The project team is MIT International blockchain laboratory established by MIT International students. The project is supported by Massachusetts special science and technology innovation funds, and has carried out cross field cooperation with financial giants.